Impressions from ‘See, Hear, Smile!’

Armaana Ahmad
Paediatric Dentistry, Eastman Dental Hospital London

I am a Paediatric dentistry and junior researcher interested in dental anomalies in children with OI. I don’t have a formal relationship with OIFE but would like to!

I think the Topical Meeting was excellent. Well thought out content allowed networking and sharing of current research with experts across the globe. Focussed enough to make every talk highly relevant to people working in similar themes. Personal highlight: Patient led conference, hearing the experiences of patients with OI, seeing the impact of our research and meeting and interacting with people from all backgrounds.

My wish for future meetings: A joint conference looking at teeth in bone conditions – links with Hypophosphatasia and rickets.

Mengquan Li
Dentist from Hongkong University Shenzhen Hospital

I’m a dentist from Hongkong University Shenzhen hospital, Our hospital is the treatment center of south China for OI patients. In our dental department, we received more than 100 OI patients, but only a few received treatment. One of the reason is we don’t have many experience in OI patients. So I came to attend this Meeting.

I think this meeting expand my horizon, and let me know the principle of treatment. I’m interested in Maung Maung Myint and Ann Lindunger’s study, we also puzzle about the long term result of implants. In future, I hope I can hear about more studies about the implants and the BRONJ (Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw)

Bruno van Dijk

Belgian OIFE-delegate

I’m the chairman of the Belgian (Flemish speaking part) OI organisation. I do have OI myself, type1. The meeting was very useful and there were many intersections. But the most important for me was meeting other people from all over Europe and see some friends again.

My personal highlight was the part of “hearing”. What I like to be addressed in future meetings? This is a difficult one. Maybe about insurance or legal issues for people with disabilities, what they can claim etc.

You can find detailed information about OIFE’s Topical Meeting ’See, Hear, Smile!’ here: )

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